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Army painter review

by Darkenedsquire on Nov.22, 2009, under

As I have just started My unit of regular assault marines I thought it would be a good time to do a review of some of the products I use starting with Army Painter spray.

The can is the standard size that GW use 400ml and this is a "pure red" primer I use this colour over the dragon red that many use as I like to wash down the colour a bit and still have it as a vibrant orange/red when finished. Due to my models being based on lava bases I like to give the impression they are slightly illuminated by their surroundings.
         This is a really high quality product and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a nice flat colour base coat, they do many different colours and I'm very tempted to try their new "alien purple" for my 'nids. This is a great way to do space marines or vehicles anything with large flat surfaces really benefits from this spray the colour is rich covers well is perfect consistency and doesn't discolour in the cold like some other sprays (this is important as I live in a rather wet town next to the sea where it gets rather cold in the winter and the air is rather salty). Another big plus is my other half really dislikes the smell of spray paint and solvents in general but the Army Painter spray has a rather pleasent smell to it, a sweet "candy" like smell would be the best way to describe it.
         All in all this is the product I would recommend to people looking for a premium solution to their base coating needs. You can find them over at Army Painter where they also do a great range of scenics for your bases and a range of dips (which I personally haven't used but have heard great things about and seen some really nice quick results from others who have).
Just as a note I do not get paid anything or have any privileges for this recommendation. I just want to share cool and useful things with the community and give my two cents on them.
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  • Anonymous

    So I'm probably going to pick up their dark angels and bone cans, they look too promising to pass up.

    I've only ever heard bad things about dipping, but the results from their product (like on their dark angels dread) look surprisingly good. Have you any experience with that?

  • Darkenedsquire

    Yeah the dark angels and the bone cans are a good investment definatly. As far as dipping goes I haven't got any experience however part of me thinks power armour is too flat for dipping but another part of me thinks it would be great for deathwing. I'll have to buy some quickshade and try it on something possibly a regiment of skaven and I'll put the results up.

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