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by Darkenedsquire on Nov.22, 2009, under

Good morning (evening/afternoon depends where you are I guess and when you read this). I have just finished glueing together a regular assualt squad ready for priming which is what I'll be doing next however I might not get around to it today as I'm having to go into hospital but more than likely you should see a flurry of activity from me over the next few days as I recover.

        On another note I have just ordered a Dark Eldar Megaforce an extra raider and the DE codex from I have never used them before but they where by far the cheapest for the megaforce basically allowing me to get the codex and raider extra for the £130 asking price.

        This army contains the following: 1x Venom 1x Raider (2) 1x Ravager 9x Reaver jetbikes 5x Scourges 10x Kabalite warriors and 20x Wyches.

        I'm thinking of using this as a base for a Wych cult based army in a winter theme though as of yet I am undecided on a name for the army the main colours will be dark blue with lighter edge highlight blue. It will be a fast raiding type army as I love that piratical nature of the Dark Eldar if anyone has any ideas for a name for my cult something cold or wintery please leave a comment below.
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