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Quick update and review

by Darkenedsquire on Nov.22, 2009, under

Hi guys currently From the Warps blogroll is down so I've amassed a bit of content whilst waiting for the to return.

My 1.5k Dark Eldar army is complete after about 5 weeks of work put into it and I will put up pictures of the remaining squads and a full army shot.

This Thursday I will be playing my first game with my Dark Eldar against my friend Jamie and will do a full battle report for you to read.

My friend Gary recently found out he was expecting his thrid child and as such had to make some room and I have inherited a fully unpainted necron army (built to the previous codex standards so I will have to purchase the new models). I have decided to do them as a tarnished copper colour using a variety of washes and line highlighting some a bit different from the Dark Eldar.

So in preparation for this I ordered Army painter platemail silver spray as my basecoat and I have to say it is hands down the best spray paint I have ever used. I started with a black basecoat and then went back over with the silver and it is gorgeous such a smooth even coat if you wanted a quick surgical steel look to your necrons they would be pretty much done at the point you would only need a few washes in the recesses and some details painted in. I highly recommend this product for those doing Necrons, Grey knights, Iron warriors etc.
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