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Wychy women

by Darkenedsquire on Nov.22, 2009, under

The mainstay of my army is a solid core of whyches. I'm going to be using the following:

2 units of 9 Whyches with Hekatrix with an agonizer and a whych with Hydra gauntlets in raiders

A lot of what I have heard says whyches should use razorflails (rereoll hits and wounds) but I have decided to use hydra gauntlets (+D6 attacks on the charge) as I feel dark Eldar are the gamblers army and the hydra gauntlets play into that nicely however not statistically as reliable as the razorflails.

I tend to find math hammer is all well and good when thinking of options but sometimes you need to take risks. A typical game of 40k will not play straight to the averages you just don't throw enough dice to get a large enough sample size hence the wild statical anomalies such as space marines scouts decking a nightbringer in close combat for example. This is why I like hydra gauntlets some times they can be awful other times they can decimate, that feeling of uncertainty I find really fun in 40k but your milage may vary.

 Next the Hekatrixes/hekatrixi whatever....

The Wyches with hydra gauntlets

And lastly their rides, two raiders.

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