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From the warp!

by Darkenedsquire on Nov.22, 2009, under

Hi guys just a quick thank you to Ron from From the warp for letting me join the team over there. I urge all my readers to join in with the great blogs and sites over there, no matter what your tastes there is bound to be something for you.

In the following weeks I shall be getting 1500 points of Dark Eldar painted and with the help of a friend of mine called Jamie I will be running a battle report between my Blood Angels and my Dark Eldar. Both the lists have been drawn up at they are both rather fluffy with a very specialised Blood angels army lead by Commander Dante and a night raid of Dark Eldar using a main force of wyches and reavers supported by a squad of Incubi and lead by Lelith Hesperax.

So I have a lot of painting to do I've just finished 9 reavers and a raider and I'm in the process of painting up 20 wyches (though my list uses only 18). I find that giving myself a reason to paint really spurs me to action as opposed to the attitude of "well I have time, I can do it whenever I want".

What gets your mind in the game when it comes to painting is it preparation for a game or tournament? or is it reading a Black library book or listening to one of their audio books (The Horus Heresy audio books are my bread and butter at the moment whilst I paint). Please let me know in the comments below if you want to share your secrets and techniques for keeping yourself from feeling the burn out of and endless sea of grey plastic.

With that I will leave you some pictures of one of my raiders (sans crew at the moment they are coming though).

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